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01 about

As an artist I like to use my hands, I like the crafts of painting and I really enjoy working with materials.

The problems that arise when working with these materials are problems that really interest me, and which I feel I am capable of solving through drawing and painting. Problems of shape, color, light, composition and space.

In this plastic laboratory I question the act of creating through realization, but regardless of technique, discipline or manual ability, I pursue the potential object towards what I want to achieve, what lies ahead, to be invented, discovered and elaborate. I would like to think that this energy is present in my work, giving it strength, and not that it is something that has simply been given an external form.


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03 CV

Palma Alvariño Galicia ( Madrid, 1995)

Graduated in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid 2013-2017

Affordable Art Fair, Bruselas, 2023

Affordable Art Fair, Hamburgo, 2022

Exhibition Flecha Gallery, Bilbao, 2022

Exhibition Matiz Gallery, Barcelona, 2022

Exhibition L'Arcada Galeria D'Art , Girona, 2022

Exhibition Matiz Gallery, Barcelona, 2022

Exhibition Flecha Gallery, Madrid, 2022

Solo exhibition at Materna y Herencia Gallery, Madrid, 2021

Exhibition Flecha Gallery, Madrid, 2021

Exhibition at Espacio Cultural Abierto, Madrid, 2019

Exhibition with Flecha Gallery at ABC Serrano, Madrid 2017

Exhibition with Latidos Street Art Gallery at CSA Tabacalera, Madrid 2017

Mural painting in La Quinta del Sordo at Hybrid Art Fair 2017 I Edition, Madrid

Mural painting at Pinta Malasaña contest 2017 II Edition, Madrid

Exhibition with Espacio Vertice Gallery at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Complutense University of Madrid 2016


04 contact

You can contact me to ask me any questions you have and I will be happy to help you.


Tell me if you would like to carry out an order because you are looking for x measurements, you have a color in mind or you want to undertake a project in which we can collaborate.

Please fill out for commissions and general enquires

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